Who is this guide for?

Any Users

Help can be found for Osprey via our Acadamy site, where you can search for help on any topic to do with Osprey. We also have our help line telephone number and an online support form that can be submitted to us.

Accessing help from the Website

The help center can be accessed via our website

www.ospreyapproach.com or support.ospreyapproach.com

If navigating via the main homepage, click onto the link Customer Help Center to open the Academy site will open where you will be able to search on any topic to do with using Osprey.

Accessing help on the browser

To access help from the browser navigate to Home > Osprey Help Center. This will open our academy.

Accessing help in the App

To Access help from the App click on the ? icon that is found at the top Right corner of the app. This will open our Acadamy site in a new tab in your browser.