This page will contain all the links for our Case Management App and Installers, Add-ins, and our Report Writer Software.
Guides are also available, which can be visited directly from this page.

Case Management App

Case Management App – Microsoft Store

Simply select the above link to go to the Microsoft Store webpage and click Get in Store App to launch the Microsoft Store.

Osprey Gateway Download

Osprey Gateway Direct Download

Configure: The Office Gateway App

PowerShell Installer

If users do not have access to Microsoft Store, Osprey offers an Installer.
Either use the below guide, or you can click the below link and save the Installer.ps1 file to your machine.

Once located, right-click and choose Run with PowerShell.
Note: Users may need to liaison with their IT team to ensure they have the correct permissions to be able to do this.

Configure: Osprey PowerShell Installer

Office Connector

Configure: Osprey Connector for Microsoft Office

Outlook Connector

Configure: Osprey Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Office 365 Word Add-in

Configure: Osprey Word Add-in for Office 365

Office 365 Outlook Add-in

Configure: Osprey Outlook Add-in for Office 365

Report Designer

Report Writer: Download and log in to the Report Writer