Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This guide will help you to print your bills in Osprey via the Case Management App.

Before printing bills in Osprey you will need to have a bill template. This can be created by your supervisor. For a guide on doing this please click the here for more information.

Printing a bill.

Step 1

Open the Osprey Approach App, and select Time Recording > Bill Printing:

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Time Recording > Bill Printing

The below screen will appear displaying any bills which have been spooled for printing. On this screen you may also save the bill into the Matter History as either a Word document or a PDF.

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Firstly choose either PDF or Word. this is how the document will be produced and saved to the matter history

Delete Printed Bills From before — This option is for tidying up the list of stored printed bills. All bills from before the date chosen will be removed from the Stored printed Bills list and will now not be available to print from this screen. They will however still be in the matter history.

Date Filters — Allows you choose a date range for bills you wish to print

Show – from the drop down you can select either Pending or Printed. Pending will show a list of bills that have not been printed and saved to the matter history. Printed will show a list of previously printed and saved bills.

Once you have selected the criteria above you can select the bills you wish to print by placing a tick in the box at the end of each row. Then click the Print button at the top of the screen. The bills selected will now open for review in a new window.

The Export button will export the list of bills shown to an excel spreadsheet

Step 2

You can now place a tick on the right hand side of any bill you wish to print.

Step 3

When you are happy with the bills selected, click Print. The bill will now open up in Word. You can now print the bill and then close Word once finished.