You can setup Osprey so you can perform Land Registry searches.

Enter the Land Registry Credentials

Step 1

Firstly, it is necessary to set up all the Third Party settings for the searches you want to be able to use.

Go to Supervisor > System Setup > System Settings > Third Party Data.

Each of the separate Land Registry search types has a setting within here and will need the live Land Registry system integration addresses to be entered in order for them to work.

For each of the searches detailed on the next page of this document, click ‘Edit’ alongside the relevant setting you need to change.

Then fill in the following details:

  • Username – Your user name that you use to log into the Land Registry web site.
  • Password – Your password that you use to log into the Land Registry web site.
  • URL – Depending on the Code shown at the top of the screen, enter the URL from the corresponding table on page 2.
  • Practice ID – This should default to the name of your company.
  • Sender Name – Enter the name you would like to display as your company name when sending searches to the Land Registry.
  • Company Name – Leave as LandRegistry.
  • Third Party ID – 47d1811b
  • TP Description ID – Leave blank.
  • TP Version- Leave blank.
EDocumentRegistrationService_Attachment _0WebService?wsdl
EDocumentRegistrationService_Attachment_Poll _0PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_Attachment _0WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_Attachment_Poll _0PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_Correspondence eV1_0PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_DaylistEnquiry WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_DaylistEnquiry_Poll PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_EarlyCompletion nV2_0PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_EDocumentRegistrationService istrationV2_0WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_EDocumentRegistrationService_Poll istrationV2_0PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_EnquiryByPropertyDescription escriptionV2_0WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_EnquiryByPropertyDescription_Poll escriptionV2_0PollWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_LandChargesBankruptcySearch 2_1WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_LandChargesBankruptcySearch_Poll 2_0PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_LandChargesFullSearch Service?wsdl
LandRegistry_LandChargesFullSearch_Poll equestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_OfficialCopyTitleKnown wnV2_1WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_OfficialCopyTitleKnown_Poll 1PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_OfficialSearchOfPartWithPriority V2_1WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_OfficialSearchOfPartWithPriority_Pol l V2_1PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_OfficialSearchOfWhole_Poll ollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_OfficialSearchOfWholeOSW WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_OnlineOwnerVerificationService pVerificationV1_0WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_OutstandingRequest sV2_0WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_RegisterExtractService mmaryV2_1WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_RegisterExtractService_Poll mmaryV2_1PollRequestWebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_SearchOfIndexMap V2_1WebService?wsdl
LandRegistry_SearchOfIndexMap_Poll V2_1PollRequestWebService?wsdl

Now that you have set up the link, you can link the search types to the Work Types you want to use them with.

Step 2

Navigate to Supervisor > Case Management Setup > Configure Land Registry Searches

Click New

Now choose a Work Type and a Search to link. Then enter a description, which is what you will choose when performing a search, so remember to make it as meaningful as possible.

Map Osprey fields to the Searches

Step 3

You can now link fields stored in Osprey to automatically fill in some of the searches for you. Select the Work Type you want to amend the search for.

Now click the right click on the relevant search and select the ‘Fields’ icon which corresponds to the search type you wish to configure.

Choose the Land Registry field that you want to link. Then select whether the field is stored in Osprey in a Client, Dossier, Client Dossier, CDS or Formula Field.

Now you can select the relevant Table that the data is stored in in Osprey from the Available Tables list, as well as the Field name from the Available Fields list.

Click ‘Add Link’. Now, when you perform a search of this type, Osprey will fill in the details already held within the case management system.