The purpose of the Shadow Sessions is to explore how your current operations are performed.

The Shadow Sessions are performed with Microsoft Teams. Please ensure that you have access to Microsoft Teams, and you have the ability to share your display prior to these sessions.

The information we look to gather within these sessions will help define your use of Osprey and tailor the required user training. We will also discover any areas where there could be an improvement in your procedures.

The sessions should between 30 – 60 minutes.
We will need, from each department, someone who can show us the following procedures:

  • Adding a new client and matter, then adding a matter to an existing client.
  • Running a conflict check
  • If matter locking is used
  • Preparing client care paperwork
  • Preparing general correspondence and any methods of data capture in your current
  • How your document storage is structured
    Are you using folders/sub-folders, how documents are stored which are not generated via the case management software?
  • Emailing
    What methods of sending correspondence do you use? Outlook? Built-in Email clients? Office 365?
  • How forms are created
  • Adding a contact and organisation and linking them to the matter/document
  • Navigating between screens
    How do users view time recordings, client information, client ledger for an individual client?
  • Time recording process.
  • Posting to ledgers/requisitions process
  • Current billing process
  • Archiving a file
  • Compliance
    Taking into consideration risk management, client ID, file reviews etc.
  • Reporting requirements, both high level and fee earner level
  • Work environments
    Are users working from home, in the office, hybrid? What devices do they use?