Recommended for Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 1 hour

About this course

Configuration Settings

  • The Configuration Settings Area
  • How to Access Configuration Settings
  • Configuration Settings Available
  • Toggling System Switches

Fee Earners & Status

  • What are Fee Earners & Fee Earner Statuses?
  • Fields on the Add Fee Earner Page
  • Fields on the Add Status Page
  • Creating a New Fee Earner
  • Editing a New Fee Earner
  • Archiving a Fee Earner
  • Creating a Fee Earner Status
  • Editing a Fee Earner Status
  • Archiving a Fee Earner Status

Work Types

  • What are Work Types?
  • Fields on the Add Work Type Page
  • Creating a New Work Type
  • Editing a New Work Type
  • Archiving a New Work Type

Standard Text Descriptions

  • What are Standard Text Fields?
  • Fields on the Add Standard Text Page
  • Standard Text & Matter Archive Details
  • Adding, Editing & Deleting Standard Text
  • Choosing Where to Display Standard Text
  • Creating & Editing Predefined Attendance Notes
  • Deleting Predefined Attendance Notes
  • Creating & Editing Matter Archive Details
  • Deleting Matter Archive Details

Communication Settings

  • Why Use Communication Settings?
  • Fields on the Add Phone Type Page
  • Adding a Phone Type
  • Adding Numbers For a Client
  • Editing Numbers For a Client

Group Codes

  • What are Group Codes?
  • Fields on the Add Group Code Page
  • Where to Create Groups
  • Adding a New Group
  • Editing Groups
  • Assigning Clients to a Group Code