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Business Process Management

Recommended for Case Workers and Case Management Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 1 hour

About this course

Creating Clients & Matters with Dossier Data

  • Adding a Client & Matter
  • Saving a Document

Using Workflows to Enter Dossier Data

  • Using Workflows
  • Loading a Workflow
  • The Show/Hide Button
  • Running a Workflow
  • Undoing a Run Task
  • Removing a Workflow

Matter History Folders

  • What Are Matter History Folders?
  • Creating New Folders
  • Viewing Folder Contents
  • Adding Items to Folders
  • Moving Items Between Folders
  • Deleting Items from Folders
  • Deleting a Folder

Item Types

  • A Note on Item Types
  • Locating Item Types
  • Adding a New Item Type
  • Linking Item Types to Matter History Entries

Matter History Searches

  • Sorting Matter History Data
  • Adding & Removing New Columns
  • Filtering the Matter History
  • Using the Expression Filter
  • The Keyword Search
  • The Matter History Client Search
  • Last 10 Matters Accessed

Matter History Permissions

  • Matter History Permissions
  • Adding Groups & Supervisor Permissions
  • Permissions Set on a Matter
  • Matter Permissions
  • Individual Items
  • Changing Ownership of Items

Matter History Packages

  • Creating Packages
  • Adding Matter History Items to Packages
  • Sending Packages
  • Downloading Packages
  • Viewing Package Contents