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Case Management Supervisor Advanced

Recommended for Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 1 hour

About this course

Matter Extensions

  • What are Extensions?
  • Creating a Client Extension (Individual)
  • Creating a Client Extension (Company)
  • Creating, Cloning & Editing Matter Extensions

Custom Questionnaires

  • What are Custom Questionnaires
  • Creating, Accessing & Running Questionnaires

Batch Key Date Ticking

  • What is Batch Key Date Ticking?
  • Batch Key Date Ticking Options
  • How to Use Batch Key Date Ticking

Batch Clearing Matters For Review

  • What is Batch Clearing?
  • Batch Clearing Options
  • How to Use Batch Clearing

Adjust Workflow Ticked Dates

  • Benefits of Adjusting Workflow Task Dates
  • Adjusting Workflow Task Dates