Recommended for Case Workers

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 1 hour

About this course

Matter History Permissions

  • Supervisor Permissions & Security Groups (System Supervisors)
  • Permissions Set On A Matter (System Supervisors)
  • Setting Permissions On Individual Items
  • Changing Ownership Of An Item
  • Matter History Audit Trail

Subscribed Items

  • What Are Subscribed Items?
  • Subscribing To Notifications
  • Viewing Subscribed Items
  • Unsubscribing From Notifications

Case Bundles

  • Creating Case Bundles
  • Creating Folders
  • Adding Content To Bundles
  • Generating A Case Bundle
  • Opening and Saving a Bundle
  • Amending Bundles

Workflow Status Bar

  • What Is The Workflow Status Bar?
  • Viewing The Status Bar
  • Adding & Editing Messages

Matter History Folders

  • Creating New Folders
  • Viewing Folder Contents
  • Linking Items To Folders
  • Moving Items Between Folders
  • Unlinking Items From Folders
  • Deleting A Folder

Advanced Email Options

  • Setting Up Email Signatures (System Supervisors)
  • Email Using Templates
  • Email Packages

Email Client

  • Setting Up Client Email Accounts To Use With Email Client (System Supervisors)
  • Editing & Removing Linked Email Accounts (System Supervisors)
  • Syncing Your Emails
  • Viewing, Replying & Generating New Emails
  • Linking Emails & Attachments To Existing Client Matters
  • Linking Emails To The General File System
  • Deleting Emails