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Duration is 45 minutes

About this course

Setting Up the Word Add-In

  • Why Use the Add-In?
  • Installing the Add-In
  • Linking the Add-In to Your Osprey Database
  • Logging Into the Add-In
  • Searching for Clients & Matters
  • Logging Out of the Add-In

Running Standard Documents

  • What Are Standard Documents?
  • Searching for Clients & Matters
  • Searching for Clients & Matters Without A Client Number
  • Selecting a Standard Document
  • Running a Standard Document
  • Saving a Standard Document back into Osprey

Creating a Document

  • Saving a New Document to Osprey
  • Adding Details to the New Document
  • Accessing the New Document in Osprey

Editing Matter History Documents

  • Choosing a Client & Matter
  • Searching for Matter History Entries
  • Opening Matter History Entries
  • Saving Matter History Entries
  • Creating a New Matter History Entry

Accessing Workflows

  • Loading a New Workflow
  • Viewing Actions
  • Running & Unticking Tasks
  • Deleting & Restoring Tasks
  • Loading a Task at a Certain Position
  • Removing a Workflow