Recommended for Case Workers, Case Management Supervisors, Web Portal Users and System Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 90 minutes

About this course

What is the Web Portal?

  • What is the Web Portal?
  • How the Web Portal can Benefit Your Firm
  • Integration with Your Website

Associates Setup

  • Adding an Associate
  • Associate Credentials

Access Templates Setup

  • Adding New Access Templates
  • Editing Access Templates
  • Setting up Cases & Deal Room Permission

Conveyancing Options

  • Setting up Conveyancing Rates
  • Updating & Amending Charges
  • Hiding the Conveyancing Calculator in the Portal

General Messages

  • The News Section
  • Adding a New Message
  • Including Images to Your New Message
  • Editing & Deleting Messages

Web Enabling in Osprey

  • Web Enabling Your Clients
  • Web Enabling Workflow Tasks
  • New Enquiry Forms

Email Setup

  • Creating Automated Emails
  • Adding Osprey Fields to Emails
  • Signatures


  • Adding Information to the Portal Screen
  • Uploading a Firm Logo

User / Case Worker

  • Web Enabling Clients
  • Web Enabling a Client
  • Unpublishing a Matter
  • Republishing a Matter
  • Enable Client Access
  • Resetting a Password

Linking Associates

  • Linking an Associate
  • Selecting an Access Template
  • Unlinking an Associate

Web Enable Matter History Documents

  • Editing Item Details
  • Publishing for All or Individual Users
  • Removing Permissions

Web Enable Key Dates

  • Publishing a New Key Date
  • Publishing Existing Key Dates
  • Publishing for All or Individual Users
  • Removing Permissions

Web Enable Emails

  • Viewing Published Emails
  • Publishing when Sending an Email
  • Publishing for All or Individual Users

Logging into the Portal

  • Entering Login Credentials
  • The Forgotten Password Options
  • Filling in Additional Questionnaires
  • Viewing Published Matters, Documents, Workflows & Key Dates
  • The Actions Panel

Options Within the Portal

  • Current Cases
  • Amending Your Details
  • Contacting Your Firm
  • The Conveyancing Calculator
  • The News Area
  • My Account

Associate Login

  • Logging In
  • Options Available for Associates
  • Contacting Your Firm

New Matter Enquiries

  • Submitting a New Enquiry
  • Accessing New Enquiries in Osprey
  • Questionnaires for Review
  • Posting & Deleting Enquiries

Deal Room

  • What is the Deal Room?
  • Accessing the Deal Room
  • The Deal Room Options in Matter History

Deal Room Setup

  • Amending the Access Template
  • Ticking the Relevant Options

Publishing Documents

  • Publishing From the Matter History
  • Client & Associate Permissions
  • Viewing Published Documents in the Matter History

Accessing Documents

  • The Deal Room Tab
  • Document Options on the Deal Room page

Checking Out Documents

  • Checking Out a Document
  • Checking In & Undo Options
  • Amending the Document
  • Checking the Document Back In
  • Check In Comments

Finalising Published Documents

  • Finalising Documents
  • Unfinalising Documents
  • Unpublishing Documents