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December Improvements

December ’23 Release Notes

A number of small improvements have been made to the browser functionality to improve the overall experience.

The changes & improvements include:

Browser – v1.34.9

  • Additional named clients in formulae

We have resolved the issues in formulas not displaying details for additionally named clients.

  • Dates in workflows

Date fields within workflows had previously been causing errors. This has now been resolved and works as expected. For example, if you had set criteria to only run an action within a workflow if the date of birth was greater than 01/01/2000, this now proceeds correctly.

  • Saving Lexis Nexis forms in workflows

Saving Lexis Nexis forms within a workflows now works as expected. Previously, the save screen appeared twice and the next action ran even if the save screen hasn’t been actioned. This has now been fixed.

  • Disbursement balances in credit report

When running the Period End Disbursement Balances in credit reports (Reports > Financial Management >Period End) the exported balance now matches the balance in the initial report.

Web Portal – v1.1.2

  • File name validation

A validation message will now appear in the web portal if a document is uploaded with a name that exceeds the maximum character limit.

In the web portal, your clients can upload documents to Osprey by clicking File Sharing > Upload. The new validation prevents documents with names over 60 characters (including the file extension) from being uploaded.

For more information & support

If you need more information or support on the new updates, please contact our support team who will be happy to help. Submit a support ticket, or call us on 0330 060 4940.

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