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Running a successful modern law firm

To remain competitive modern law firms need to implement successful business habits and streamline their legal operations. We believe there are four fundamental mindsets and associated habits that firms should adopt for long-term success. In our Build Better Habits webinar series, we’re joined by experts in the legal sector to discuss the top operational challenges faced by SME law firms and how building better habits can help improve long-term success.

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Most popular training courses

Case Management App

Get started with the case management app, or refresh your knowledge, and learn about the key features including adding new clients and matters, setting key dates, creating bundles, and much more.

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Accounts Advanced

Level-up your knowledge of the Osprey accounts solution with this course that takes you through the advanced features and functionality. Learn about creating nominals, VAT payments, and reconciling bank accounts.

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Workflows Overview

This course provides an in-depth overview of the automated workflows feature that helps you to standardise and streamline processes. Learn about the templates available, how to configure the workflows, and how to run them.

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View the latest Osprey release notes

Following client feedback, we’ve improved and enhanced various case management functionality to improve the overall experience. Access the latest release notes to discover the recent updates and enhancements of the Osprey Approach software solution. Learn about new features, functionality, and keep up to date with how we’re making our solution even better for our customers.

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