Add an amount to an existing cheque

Updated Dec 12th, 2022

Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

You may wish to add an amount to a cheque that has yet to be printed, for example, where a client has several matters where client money is owing to them. This could be used to produce one cheque for the entire file rather than one per matter.

Post a payment in Client or Nominal Ledger

Client Ledger Payment

Step 1

Select Client Ledgers

Step 2

select Client Bank Payment for a client cheque or Office Bank Payment for an office cheque from the Posting Type drop down list. Then click Post.

Nominal Ledger Payment

Step 1

Select Nominal Ledgers

Step 2

Select Payment from the posting type drop down list. Then click Post.

Cheque Required

Step 1

Complete the posting details. as necessary

Tick Cheque Required > Click Post

Step 2

This will bring up a further set of options at the bottom of the posting screen. The Cheque Number drop-down list gives you the option to select Add to Existing Cheque.

The transaction will be added to the total for the cheque you selected.