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This guide will go through our Coadjute integration

Osprey’s integration with Coadjute helps streamline the buying and selling process within Conveyancing matters. This allows all parties to quickly and effectively exchange updates.

Built to speed up property transactions, reduce fall-throughs, and improve the transparency of the process, the ecosystem consists of dedicated workspaces tailored to the participant’s needs, connected by Coadjute’s blockchain network.

Create matters from invitations.

After being invited to a deal room, you can associate the deal room to an existing Osprey matter. Or create a brand-new client and matter straight from the invitation screen.

Constant updates

Coadjute’s status board quickly lets all parties know what stages within the conveyancing ladder have reached or fulfilled. Providing instant updates to all relevant parties.

Integrated Messaging

Coadjute allows mortgage brokers, conveyancers, estate agents and more to communicate quickly and securely with you, sharing updates and progress in real-time, all within the client’s matter.

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