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Communicating With Your Client

Who is this guide for?

Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

Convert2Client helps clients drive new & incremental revenue as your customers can go online 24/7 to get a quote without speaking with anyone.

This reduces the amount of administration needed and saves your firm time and money.

Send Client Care Letter

Running the client care letter displays the letter to be edited, when ready click Next will open the default email template which of course may be configured.

Click More Actions > Send client care letter

We also integrate with DocuSign to allow documents to be electronically signed. Please note that you will need a DocuSign account to use this and of course sign into it when clicking Send Email.

Send Quote by email

this will send the Quote via email directly from Convert2Client to the Email linked to the Quote

Click More Actions>Send Quote by Email

Schedule a call back

It’s possible to add reminders to call the potential client

Select More Actions > Schedule call back

Send Adhoc Email

Click More Actions > Send adhoc email
Select if appropriate a predefined template, complete the email and click Send

Schedule Email

Choosing Schedule Email shows the same form along with the option to set a date and time.

Click More Actions>Schedule email.

Send Adhoc Text

Text messages may be sent to the potential client

Click More Actions > Send adhoc text
You may select a predefined template, or complete a message yourself and click Send

Schedule Text

Choosing Schedule text shows the same form along with the option to set a date and time.

Click More Actions > Schedule Text

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