Configure: Osprey Word Add-in for Office 365

Updated Oct 26th, 2022

Who is this guide for?

Any Users

The new Osprey Approach Word Add-in will allow you to perform all of your document related tasks across the following platforms.

We have also produced a short video if you prefer to watch these steps.

Step 1

Let’s install the add-in…

Navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab and select the Microsoft Store

Simply search for ‘Osprey’ and select ‘Add’ to install your add-in.

Logging in

Step 2

Step 3

Select the Osprey Approach Add-in and enter your details and sign in.

Once installed locally, the add-in will operate on your installed copy of Microsoft Word, as well as appearing when using Word online.

Matter History

Step 1

To save the document currently being worked on, select ‘Save Current Document to Matter’.

The App Wizard will display the progress of the task being performed.

You have search options to find the matter to save the document to

Scrolling down you will see the results, click to select the matter

The ‘Save As’ screen gives you all of the options you would expect. Along with options to Time Record.

Once the relevant details have been entered, you can now save your document.

Step 2

Choosing Run Document on Matter will run a document from Osprey Approach.

The wizard and search options remain the same. If you know the description of the document, enter it and click ‘Search’.

Untick the ‘Include Global’ box to remove any global documents from the list.

Now select the template to run and the document will be available to edit. When you are finished you will have the same saving options as before.

Step 3

If you wish to edit an already saved choose ‘Check Out Document from Matter’

As before the wizard and search options are available for the matter, on the following step you may search for the item to edit.

Now select the document you wish to check out. You may enter a comment if you wish and then click Check Out

When you have finished with the document, enter a comment then click ‘Save’ to check your document back in.

The same actions are available for the General File System.


You may also run workflows from the add-in, to do so choose Workflows

Step 1

As before, the wizard and search options are available, with the correct matter selected the wizard will present the previously loaded workflows.

Load Workflow allows you to load a workflow to the selected matter. Advanced allows you load a workflow at a specific position. Remove All provides you the option to remove workflows from the matter.

Clicking the chevron will expand the actions which may be unticked if you don’t want to run them.

Click the run button to process the task. Documents will load and may be saved just the same as Run Standard Document.

When there are no more actions to run for this task, you will be notified that the task has completed. Select End task & Return to return to the workflow

Tasks that have been completed will be displayed in green.