Who is this guide for?

Case Workers, Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

You can select a contact or organisation to send an ad hoc letter to.

Step 1

From Supervisor > Case Management Setup > Standard Documents, select Add Standard Document.

Step 2

Choose the work type if any, or leave Global to appear on all work types.

Give the document a description.

If this is to be a letter to a certain type of contact (e.g. Estate Agent) then select the relevant Expert Type.

Fill in any other details as relevant.

Click Save when done.

Step 3

Now, locate the letter within your list, right click it, and select the Fields option:

Step 4

In the Available Tables box, select Contact if you wish to send the letter to Contacts, or Organisation if you want to send the letter to Organisations:

Link any fields you wish to use by ticking the Link/Unlink box and selecting Save when done.

Step 5

Design your document as required, inserting fields as usual:

Close and save the document when done.

Step 6

When this document is run from Document Production, you will be prompted to choose the contact / organisation to whom you would like to send the document:

Select the contact / organisation you require and the letter will be merged with the relevant details.