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Who is this guide for?

System Supervisors

This guide will go through creating a fee earner

Osprey allows you to add as many fee earners as you need, regardless of your number of licenses. Licenses relate to users who can log in.

To add a new fee earner, follow the steps below.

Navigate to Supervisor > Code Setup > Fee Earners, and click the New button:

Enter the details as follows:

F/EThis is the fee earner code, usually initials, though some firms use numbers for their fee earner code. Ensure there are no spaces or any other non-alphanumeric characters in this box.
Fee Earner DescriptionThe full name of the fee earner.
Time Spent Target (Monthly)Fill this in if you have created reports based on this value. Not required.
Time Value Target (Monthly)Fill this in if you have created reports based on this value. Not required.
LA Supplier NoFill this in if the fee earner does legal aid work.
Fee Earner StatusChoose a value, or enter a new one to select from Supervisor > Code Setup > Fee Earner Status.
Phone NoEnter the fee earner’s phone number. Not required.
Mobile NoEnter the fee earner’s mobile number. Not required.
Email AddressEnter the fee earner’s email. Required.
PasswordIf using Outlook integration, enter the fee earner’s outlook password here.
Confirm PasswordIf using Outlook integration, confirm the fee earner’s outlook password here.
Advocate ReferenceIf the fee earner is an advocate, enter their reference here.
Supervising Fee EarnerIf the fee earner is a supervisor, tick this box to enable selecting the supervising fee earner in the matter details.
PartnerTick this box if the fee earner is a partner.
In UseTick this box to ensure the fee earner code can be used.
AdvocateTick this box if the fee earner is an advocate
Grade/Start Date/End DateRelates to J Code time recording. Enter the fee earner grade, start and end date.

Time Recording

To be able to time record with the new fee earner, the fee earner will need to be linked to a remuneration type. How to do so can be found in the below guide.

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