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The five differences between the Browser & App

The Osprey Browser and Case Management Windows App provide the same features but you may find that certain functionality appears in different places. To help you navigate between the two platforms we’ve listed the five differences between the Browser and the App.

Document Production

Within the App the document production area is found in the menu across the top of the Client & Matters screen and also the Case Management screen:

Whereas in the browser Document Production is located under the Case Management menu on the left hand side:

Client Ledger

Within the App you have the ability to view the client ledger in full or with a summary. You also have the ability to add a new requisition.

However, in the browser you have the full use of the client ledger including all of your posting, allocating payments and the interest calculator etc.

Banks & Journals

Within the App you have the ability to access the cheque printing area.

However, in the browser you have full access to the banks and journals including reconciliation and authorising or rejecting requisitions as well as full access to the cheque printing area.


Within the App this area is limited to the batch aged debtor letters only.

However, the browser gives you access to the full suite of reports available on Osprey.


Within the App the supervisor menu gives you access to amend templates, from Standard Documents to the Bill/Label & Cheque Templates.

However, in the browser you get full access to all of the setup features you can change in Osprey. From creating letters and workflows to adding users and fee earners etc.

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