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You can produce a printed matter label for your paper files using Osprey. This guide will show you how.

Enable Label Printing

Before you can print labels for your files, you will need to turn on the option to do so. In the browser, navigate to Supervisor > System Setup > Configuration Settings:

Supervisor > System Setup > Configuration Settings

Locate the switch called Label Printing, right click it, and set it to True, then Save your changes.

Edit Label Printing to set it to True

Design your Label Template

Open the Supervisor App and select the Label Templates option, then click New.

Tap Label Templates > New

Give your label template a name, and click Save.

Enter a description and tap Save

Right click your new label template, and select Edit

Right Click and tap Edit

Select Design

Tap Design

Word will open. You can now design your template.

Create the template to fit the stationery you have. We would recommend using a table for this.

To place merge fields into the document, select Insert Merge Field from the Mailings tab on the ribbon and choose the appropriate field.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Insert-Merge-Field-1.gif

Once you have designed your first label, copy the data into the second cell. Then place your cursor at the start of the text in the second cell and select Rules click Next Record. The entire row can be copied to the remaining cells.

Close and Save the template.

Printing Labels

To print matter labels, open the Case Management App. Navigate to Client/Matter, then Label Printing.

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Clients/Matter > Label Printing

Select the relevant template from the list, to print an already printed label select Printed

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Tick the labels to be printed, click Print, the labels will be merged into Microsoft Word and can be printed.