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Manage Contract Work Forms list values for Legal Aid reporting

Who is this guide for?

Case Workers and Case Management Supervisors

Should the LAA introduce any new codes or take old codes out of use which are required for reporting on the CRM6 or CMRF, you can amend these codes as necessary.

Navigate to Case Management > Contract Work Forms > Manage Lists.

In the Page drop down, select the Contract Work form page that you want to check or add a value for.

Now select the field.

Add New Codes

In the Manage List portion of the screen, enter the value you want to add into the New Value box, ensuring that the code part of the value is at the beginning – where reporting a CRM6, Osprey will use the first few characters for populating your online submission file. Please refrain from using / characters in these codes, for example use None rather than N/A – special characters can cause the spreadsheet to error. Click Add when you are done.

Your new value will be added to the bottom of the existing list. To move it into a new position in the list, select it from the list box, and use the up or down arrows to move it to the desired position.

Click Save Changes to ensure your new entry is saved into the list.

Delete Codes

If you wish to delete an entry, select it from the list box, and click Delete. Click Save Changes when you are done.

Edit Codes

If you wish to edit an entry, double click it from the list box, this will copy the detail into the New Value box. Edit the entry, and click Replace. Click Save Changes when you are done.

Set a Default Value

If you wish to set a default value for any of the form fields, select it from the list box, and click Set Default, then Save Changes. When you fill in your contract work pages, this value will be automatically populated into the relevant field.

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