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Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This guide will go through what is expected when migrating accounts data

Osprey requires any account information to be brought across at the point of a period end. Any balances brought across will be entered into Osprey as a single Opening Balance posting. To ensure that all accounts data is correctly set-up and ready, Osprey requires the following reports alongside Accounts Configuration Form.

All reports should be run at Month End, and all figures balance.

We will require sample data prior to the final month end. This allows the data to be checked and verified in good time for the migration. Any sample data provided must be as at a month end.

Trial Balance

A Trial Balance report will need to be run for the month end provided. The Trial balance will need to be in digital format, preferably in Excel format.

Bank Reconciliation

This will need to show all bank balances, cashbook balance, and unpresented items for every Office and Client bank as at the same month end. Please include any deposit accounts also.

These will need to be identifiable to the banks supplied in the Accounts Configuration Form.

Client Ledger Balance

This should show all balances on the client ledger (Office, Client, Disbursements, WIP and Deposit Balances) and be identifiable to the relevant client matter from the provided client data.

This must be provided in Excel format where possible.

Purchase Ledger

If you are using Purchase Ledgers, we also need a list of them with Balances at month end.

Download a nominal / purchase ledger template >

Ledger Cards

Ledger cards for each client will need to be provided as individual PDF documents. These will then be uploaded to the Matter History for each client.

Please note that client ledgers will show opening balances only following the migration to Osprey.

WIP Cards

If you wish to be able to view any previous time recording on a matter please provide WIP cards in a PDF format for each matter. These will then be uploaded to the Matter History in Osprey.

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