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Setting an Overdrawn or Office Credit Password

Who is this guide for?

Accounts Supervisors and System Supervisors

Under specific circumstances, you may need to temporarily put the client into an overdrawn state or put the office in credit on a client ledger.

Only proceed if you have the relevant permission to do so.


Before entering the credentials, ensure the posting dates are correct. If you are making a payment from the client account on a date before a client bank receipt, this may overdraw the client, and cause the below confirmations.

When posting to the client ledger, if the client balance becomes overdrawn, a supervisor will need to enter a Client Overdrawn password.
Likewise, if the Office balance becomes in credit, an Office Credit Password must be entered to complete the posting.

Setting your passwords

Navigate to Supervisor > System Setup > System Settings. Your default passwords should be visible.

To update, click Edit, enter your new passwords, and click Save.

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