Who is this guide for?

System Supervisors

Creating a TextAnywhere Account

To create a brand new TextAnywhere account follow the link https://www.textanywhere.com/action/free-trial/

Existing Customers

if you have an exiting account before December 2022, you will also need to create a new account with the link above and then you will need to Email customercare@textanywhere.com and ask them to transfer your credits from your old account, the reference number and the email it was created with to your new account is needed to transfer the credits. You will also have to ask them to ensure that Trial Mode is switched off in your new account.

Setting up Text Templates

Go to Supervisor, Code set up, Standard Text Description and then add Standard Text Description. You will need to then chose the standard text message in the context area and also enter some text in the bottom box. once you have done this click save. Once you have clicked save you will have an option to link fields like you can for standard documents. Once you have done this you then select the Dossier field you wqish to link and then save.

Entering the Credentials

To enter the Credentials you will need to go to supervisor, system set up, system settings, third party data. Then chose the TextAnywhere click edit and enter the credentials.

Once this has been set up please refer to the guide how to use text anywhere