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Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This report shows suggested payments to purchase suppliers based on their payment terms and how long the invoices have been outstanding. Payment terms can be set against each purchase ledger in the Credit Terms section of the Edit Purchase Ledger Details screen:

Suggested PL Payments example

Filter Options

  • Suggested Payments Due Before – Enter the end date of your search here. For example, to see which suppliers need to be paid before the end of this month, enter your month end date here. Date is required
  • Currency – Select the currency you wish to report on
  • Branch – Select to print information for All branches or select a branch here

List of Columns produced

  • Purchase Ledger Code
  • Purchase Ledger Description
  • Invoice Date
  • Branch
  • Department
  • Number of Days credit given by the supplier
  • Posting detail
  • Posting Reference
  • Posting Value
  • Amount Paid
  • Amount Outstanding
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