Time Record on your Matters (Browser)

Updated Dec 22nd, 2022

Who is this guide for?

Any Users and Case Workers

You can time record in several different ways within Osprey. If you are looking to record time on your Matters using the Osprey Approach app, please go to the guide at the bottom of the page.

Viewing Today’s Summary

You can view the total time, value and units if time you have recorded today at any time by looking at the top of the screen.

Posting a Time entry

With your required client loaded, click Time Recording to navigate to the Time Ledger

Enter your posting details and click Post to post to the time ledger, or Save and Print to post to the time ledger and create a printable copy of the time posting.

Accessing the Time Ledger

After posting time, users will be returned to the time ledger.

If you need to revisit the time ledger, simply click the time Time Recording heading in the navigation panel.

Printing the Time Ledger

A printable copy of the ledger can be produced by selecting print, entering any filters if required, then clicking Run.

A preview window will appear, allowing the user to export the report to PDF, CSV or XLS

Undoing a Time Posting

To undo a posting, click the Undo icon. A confirmation screen will appear.


Timers allow users to accurately record how long they spend on a specific time, i.e. an online meeting or a telephone call, and can always be easily accessed.

To toggle the timer, click the Timer icon at the top right of the page.

Starting a Timer from the Timer Widget

From the Drop down, select New Timer on Current Matter to start a timer on the currently loaded matter, or New Timer on Blank Matter to select the matter at the point of posting.

Timer Options

Create timer on current matterStarts a timer on the currently selected matter
Create timer on blank matterStarts a timer allowing the user to select the client at the point of posting
Change timersAllows users to swap between their unposted timers
Pause/Resume time recordingPause/Resume the current timer
Add attendance noteAttach an attendance note to the current timer
Post timeOpens the time posting window, or if a matter is not selected, allows the user to select a matter then access the time posting window.
Collapse timerCollapse the timer

Time Record on your Matters (App)

For information on time recording using the browser, please click the below link.

Time Record using Smart Actions

Smart actions can also be used to create timesheets. For further information, please use the below guide.

Time Record with Time Sheets