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Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

All your firm’s compliance tasks in one place

Ospreys comprehensive and easy-to-use functionality aids compliance with not only Lexcel, but also the SRA regulations and accounts rules, legislation such as GDPR, and the money laundering regulations, and other accreditations such as CQS, WIQS and the LAA Specialist Quality Mark.

Using the Osprey compliance workflows you can:

  • Easily complete common compliance tasks
  • Integrate compliance processes into your daily workflows with workflows
  • Improve visibility with customisable reporting for COFA, COLP and MLRO

The Osprey compliance workflows

To help your firm reduce the cost of staying compliant, improve accuracy, and reduce risk, we’ve created a series of new compliance workflows that will help you to integrate tasks into your daily workload to ensure processes and completed and standardised. These workflows can be used standalone, or better yet, imported into existing workflows to help streamline your case management processes ands centralise all tasks.

Below is a brief outline of the compliance workflows we now offer, but for more information, or to get them imported into your system, please contact support to get started.

Risk management

These workflows cover client risk assessments, recorded at client level and are available on any matter for that client. This ensures that previous risk assessments are available. You can indicate if a client is a PEP and key dates allow you to ensure that ID expiry dates are never missed. A selection or reports allow you MLRO and COLP to ensure that expired ID and high-risk matters are monitored effectively.


The conflict workflows covers conflict of interest checks. These include own interest conflict, acting for borrower and lender, outsourced services and acting for two or more clients in the same or related matter. Our conflict assessment will prompt the fee earners to think about all possible conflicts. It can also record them appropriately meeting requirements of many accreditations.

File reviews

The file reviews workflow allows them to be undertaken and reported, all within Osprey. These reports can be run by any department, allowing a department supervisor to manage their compliances. You are also able to access a report suite that will let COLP to monitor for compliance.


The complaints workflows records details and lets you observe the details of the investigation, and respond to the complaint in question. When responding to a complaint, make sure you do so within the accepted timeframe by making use of automatic key dates. COLP can keep track of these complaints within the reporting suite. They are also able to report on complaints, allowing for PI and accreditation renewals simpler.


The undertakings workflow helps to record standard and non-standard undertakings. Parties to the undertaking, discharge criteria and value if relevant, can be recorded and key dates are assigned. This will allow open undertakings to be monitored and kept on top of. Reports are included to allow outstanding undertakings to be monitored by COLP to ensure that compliance is adhered too.

Client feedback

Easily monitor how your firm’s service delivery is perceived with the client feedback workflow. Feedback can be summarised into digestible statistics to ascertain if an issue is present. It can also be used to assist in your firm’s marketing.

PII claims

Record PII claims and circumstances in Osprey, including related matter details, parties and details of the purported error and losses, using the PII claims workflow. Record findings of your investigations and details of any settlements. Reports allow COLP/COFA and senior management to monitor claims. Being able to report by date allows for easier comparison of PII renewals and accreditations.

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