Recommended for Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 90 minutes

About this course

The Client Ledger

  • Customise the Ledger View
  • Posting to the Client Ledger
  • Posting Types

Client Receipt

  • Why Post A Client Bank Receipt
  • Posting A Client Bank Receipt

Client Payment

  • Posting your Client Bank Payment
  • Generating Cheques

Office Bank Payment

  • Posting A Office Bank Payment
  • Disbursement Postings

Nominal Ledger

  • The Nominal Ledger
  • Posting The Payment
  • Transfer From Nominal

Petty Cash Payment

  • What is a Petty Cash Payment
  • Posting a Petty Cash Payment


  • Bill Posting Type
  • Posting Your Bill
  • Allocating Disbursements
  • Time Allocation
  • Apportioned Costs
  • Printing Bills

Cost Transfer & Cost Transfer Report

  • Why Post A Cost Transfer
  • What Is The Cost Transfer Report?
  • The Posting Details Page
  • The Allocate Credit Page
  • The Apportion Costs Received Page

Office Bank Receipt

  • Why Post A Office Bank Receipt
  • Posting A Office Bank Receipt
  • The Allocate Credit Page

Z Notes

  • Why Post a Note to the Client Ledger
  • Posting the Note

Nominal Ledger Petty Cash Payment

  • Why Post A Nominal Ledger Petty Cash Payment or Receipt
  • Posting A Petty Cash Payment & Receipt

Creating Cheques

  • Payee Options
  • Cheque Options
  • Posting Detail