Recommended for Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 90 minutes

About this course

Unpaid Disbursements

  • What Are Unpaid Disbursements?
  • Posting An Unpaid Disbursement
  • Paying An Unpaid Disbursement
  • Undoing A Unpaid Disbursement
  • Undoing A Paid Disbursement
  • Cancelling An Unpaid Disbursement
  • Running the Unpaid Disbursements Report


  • What Are Budgets?
  • Adding A Budget
  • Amending A Budget
  • Checking Budget/Actual/Under Over And %
  • Running the Budget Analysis Report

Scheduled Postings

  • What Are Scheduled Postings?
  • Adding A New Schedule
  • Editing & Deleting A Schedule
  • Posting Pending Items
  • Deleting Pending Items

Provisional Journals

  • What Are Provisional Journals?
  • Posting A Provisional Journal Credit

Allocating Payments in Purchase & Client Ledgers

  • Why Allocate Payments?
  • Allocating Payments in the Client Ledger
  • Allocating Disbursements in the Client Ledger
  • Allocating Invoices/Payments in the Purchase Ledger

Provisional Bills

  • What Are Provisional Bills?
  • Posting A Provisional Bill
  • Delivering A Provisional Bill
  • Undoing A Delivered Provisional Bill
  • Cancelling A Provisional Bill

Counsel Fees

  • What Are Counsel Fees?
  • Entering Counsel Fees
  • Paying Counsels Fees
  • Undoing Paid Counsels Fees
  • Cancelling Counsels Fees