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Recommended for Case Workers and Managers

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 90 minutes

About this course
  • Client Level
    • What is the Client Level?
    • Client Level Overview
  • Creating a Client Level Workflow
    • Linking Fields to a Global Dossier Page
    • Creating the Workflow
    • Loading the Workflow
    • Running the Workflow
  • File System Documents
    • Creating a File System Document
    • Filtering General Documents
    • Previewing a Document
  • File System Folders
    • Creating a New Folder
    • Creating Sub-Folders
    • Saving a Document into a Folder
    • Document Options
  • Adding Items to the File System
    • Uploading Items
    • Saving Notes
  • Editing File System Items
    • Checking Out Items
    • Checking In Items
    • The Item Details Panel
  • File System Item Options
    • Previewing Items
    • Downloading Items
    • Emailing Items
    • Deleting Items