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Recommended for Accounts Users, Accounts Supervisors, Case Workers, Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 90 minutes

About this course

Introduction & Access

  • Claiming your Payments
  • Important Information
  • Setting Access

LAA Contract Number & Form Lists

  • Adding a Contract Number
  • Adding a Schedule Number
  • Amending Contract Work Forms
  • Managing Lists

Setting the Matter

  • Generating a UFN Number
  • Checking the Billing Guide
  • Legal Aid Codes
  • Claiming Mileage
  • Personal Details

Running the CRM6 Report

  • Contract Work Reports
  • Running Validation
  • Billable Matters List
  • Summary of Claims
  • Saving Online Submission

Using CRM6 with Auto Posting

  • Checking the Posting Date
  • Changing the Posting Date

Setup Required

  • Setting Up a Mileage Nominal
  • Ticking Access Flags
  • Setting System Switches
  • Auto Posting Defaults
  • Posting Descriptions
  • Spooling Bills
  • Remuneration IDs
  • Posting Dates

Submission & Reconciliation

  • Reconciling the LAA Claim Summary
  • Ticking the Transactions

Printing CRM11 Bills & CRM7 Report

  • Reprinting CRM Batches
  • Spool Bills