Recommended for Accounts Supervisors and System Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 90 minutes

About this course

Franchise Categories

  • Creating Franchise Categories
  • Editing Franchise Categories
  • Archiving Franchise Categories


  • Creating Branches
  • Editing Branches
  • Printing a List of Branches
  • Archiving Branches


  • Creating Departments
  • Editing Departments
  • Printing a List of Departments
  • Archiving Departments


  • Bank Code Structures
  • Creating a New Bank
  • Editing a Bank
  • Archiving a Bank

Interest Rates

  • Adding an Interest Band
  • Editing an Interest Band
  • Adding an Interest Rate
  • Applying Rates to Interest Bands

Deposit Accounts

  • What are Deposit Accounts?
  • Fields on the Add Deposit Account Page
  • A Note on Deposit Account Setup
  • Adding a New Deposit Account
  • Editing your Deposit Accounts
  • Archiving your Deposit Accounts


  • Adding a New Period Set
  • Initialise the Standard Period Set
  • Editing your Period Set
  • Archiving Period Sets
  • Changing the Current Period


  • Accessing Currencies through Osprey
  • Editing your Currencies
  • Activating & Deactivating Currencies


  • Accessing Countries through Osprey
  • Editing your Countries
  • Activating & Deactivating Countries

Financial Security Setup

  • Adding a Financial Security Template
  • Linking your Template to a Financial Area
  • Editing a Financial Security Template
  • Template Details & Linking Actions
  • Deleting a Financial Security Template

Ledger Views

  • Adding a Ledger View
  • Client Ledger Column
  • Re-ordering the Ledger Columns
  • Editing a Ledger View
  • Deleting a Ledger View

Posting Type Views

  • Adding a Posting Type View
  • Editing a Posting Type View
  • Deleting a Posting Type View