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General User

Recommended for Case Workers, Managers and System Supervisors

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 2 hours

About this course

The Osprey Homepage

  • What is Osprey Approach?
  • Logging into Osprey Approach


  • The Global Search
  • Loading a Client & Matter
  • Client & Dossier Searches
  • Conflict of Interest Searches

Clients & Matters

  • Adding And a Editing Clients
  • Making Prospects Live
  • Adding and Editing Matters
  • Archiving Clients & Matters
  • Performing Credit & Money Laundering Checks

Key Dates

  • Creating and Editing Key Dates
  • The Key Date Summary

Posting Time & Attendance Notes

  • Posting a Time Entry
  • Editing Attendance Notes
  • Printing Posted Time

The Timer & Time Sheets

  • A Guide to The Timer & Time Sheets
  • Starting a New Timer
  • Pausing & Restarting a Timer
  • Posting Time From a Timer
  • Starting Timers on Blank Matters & Posting
  • Selecting Another Timer
  • Creating Time Sheets & Adding Lines
  • Saving & Deleting Time Sheets
  • Updating Your Time Sheets

The Billing Guide

  • About The Billing Guide
  • Filtering The Billing Guide
  • Viewing & Printing The Billing Guide

The Client Ledger

  • The Client Ledger Card
  • Printing the Client Ledger
  • What Is a Requisition?
  • Raising Requisitions