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Duration is 1 hour

About this course
  • Installing and Logging In
    • How to Install the Outlook Add-in
    • Outlook Settings
    • Linking the Connector to Osprey
    • Connector Settings
    • Logging Into the Connector
  • Connector on New Emails
    • The New Email Side Panel
    • Locate a File
    • Contact Details
    • Adding Attachments and Packages
    • Posting Time
  • Export Emails to Osprey
    • Exporting Emails from Outlook
    • Display Suggested Files
    • Export Options
  • Auto Filing
    • Auto Filing Emails
    • Emails Auto Filed in Osprey
  • Key Dates
    • Adding a Key Date in Outlook through Osprey
    • Creating a Diary Entry
  • Outlook Tasks
    • Adding a Task through the Connector
    • Task Options
  • Outlook Appointments
    • Adding an Appointment through the Connector
    • Appointment Option
  • Outlook Exported Column
    • Creating the Exported Column
    • Details in the Exported Column