Who is this guide for?

Any Users

Any documents you have stored locally, or on a network drive, can be uploaded to the matter history against your clients to enable a fully paperless office.

To add a new document, you can use either of the methods below.

Drag & Drop

Please note that Drag and Drop is only currently available when using Osprey Web via a Web Browser.

To add an item to the matter history using the drag and drop method, first select the client/matter to which you’d like to save the file, and ensure you are sitting in the Matter History. If you wish to upload to a Matter History folder ensure you have the correct folder selected.

Next, in file explorer, navigate to the folder in which your local/network/USB drive document is held, then simply drag it from the folder and into the matter history of the client/matter you wish to save it to.

You can upload multiple documents at the same time in this way:

Manually add a document

You can also use the New option to add a document, or a note to the matter history.