Who is this guide for?

Case Workers, Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

J Codes allow further categorisation of charges and expenses incurred during litigation, based on the experience of the litigator. This guide will demonstrate how to use them in Osprey Approach.

We have also produced a short video if you prefer to watch these steps.

Step 1

To add a J Code for use by civil litigators, first navigate to your Supervisor area and select Code Setup. Then click on Fee Earners.

Step 2

When you add a new fee earner or edit an existing one, you will have an option to assign a grade.

Please see the bottom of this page for a table listing the grade codes and description to assist you in selecting the relevant grade.

You will also have to enter the start and end dates.

Step 3

Once you have amended or added the fee earner, they will be able to record time against the grade assigned to them.

Navigate to the Time Recording area to bring up the Time Ledger. You will notice there is a column headed Codes.

Step 4

Click the icon in this column to add a Phase/Task and Activity. Select them from the drop-down list and then click Save.

Once saved, you will be returned to the Time Ledger and you will notice that the Phase/Task Code and the Activity Code columns now have the chosen information displayed.

Step 5

You can select the pencil icon in the Codes column to amend the information if required.

You can also add limits to show in Credit Limits and the reports. Under the Time Recording tab, you have the option to select Phase Limits.

Step 6

Select the Add option to create a new limit.

Select a phase and then add an estimate in pounds. You can then add a percentage value at which the limit warning will appear. Click Save to add the new limit.

Along with the time codes expense codes can also be added. Navigate to the Client Ledger tab to display the client ledger for your selected file.

There is a tick box for Show Ledger Expense Codes available above the ledger table.

Tick this box and an additional two columns for Phase/Task and Exp (Expense) Code will be added to the ledger table on the far right.

Step 7

Select the icon under the Exp Code column to open the Add panel and enter the relevant information here. Click Save when complete.

The selected information will now be present in the client ledger table.