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Adding your Email User Signature (Browser)

Who is this guide for?

Any Users

Users must set up their email signatures using Osprey Web. As these are specific for their user, the user must be logged in to the account they wish to add their email signature.

Users can set up their own signatures for sending email from Osprey, whether from themselves, a specific fee earner, or even use the Branch or Practice email signature.

Adding a Signature

Open the email window by selecting Send e-mail

Click the Signature tool, then select Signatures…

Click + to create a new signature and provide it a name. Click Save. This will now appear as a blank signature.

Users can also set a default signature for new messages when sent from Osprey Web using the dropdown on the right-hand side.

Adding from Source Code

If you have the Source Code (HTML) of your email signature, go to Tools > Source Code.

Paste your HTML code into the popup box, and then click Ok.

From this, you will be able to make any modifications, such as changing contact details, making adjustments to the fonts, or just fine tune your Osprey signature.

Selecting a Signature

When composing an email, you can select which signature you wish to use, by left clicking the Signature dropdown and selecting which one you wish to use.

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