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Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This guide will take you through the Case Cost Variance report

This report is designed to provide a variance analysis of your average case cost over time. It includes archived matters only.

When run in Summary format, each column gives the average case cost between the specified months, so for example, the column headed 0-12 months will give the average case cost for matters archived between 0 and 12 months ago. 5-17 months column will give the average case cost for matters archived between 5 and 17 months ago.

The report therefore produces a rolling average that will help to even out any discrepancies caused by particularly high cost cases. The Variance and Percentage variance columns calculate the variance and percentage variance on the two most recent 12 month periods.

Filter Options

  • Fee Earner – Select one or several fee earners, or leave blank for all
  • Franchise – Select one or several franchise categories, or leave blank for all
  • Private or LA – Choose here whether you want to show Private matters only, Legal Aid matters only or All matters
  • Branch – Leave set to All for all branches, or select the branch you wish to report on
  • Currency – Select the currency you wish to report on

Report Type

Choose from List or Summary (see description above and column produced below for details of differences).

List of Columns produced

List Report TypeSummary Report Type
Franchise Category CodeWork Type Code
Work Type CodeMonth 5-17 Case Cost Total
Client No / Matter NoMonth 4-16 Case Cost Total
Fee Earner CodeMonth 3-15 Case Cost Total
WIP ValueMonth 2-14 Case Cost Total
Time Billed ValueMonth 1-13 Case Cost Total
Disbursements Incurred ValueMonth 0-12 Case Cost Total
Total CostVariance
Date ArchivedPercentage Variance
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