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Trusted Locations

A recent security update for Microsoft Office will result in a Security Notice when running documents from Osprey. This may be resolved by adding Trusted Locations within Microsoft Word.

The guide below will provide instructions on how to add Osprey as a Trusted Location and should be done when producing the document from Osprey to ensure the correct location is saved.

Obtaining the Trusted Location folder path

To identify what path to add to the Trusted Location, run a document from the relevant app to show the prompt, click OK to continue, and then follow the below steps to obtain the path. This may need to be repeated if the user utilises multiple apps, such as our Osprey Case Management Conveyancing App.

Step 1

Click File

Step 2

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ScreenToGif-11.gif
Click Info

Step 3

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-45.png
Click Copy Path

Adding the Folder Path as a Trusted Location

To add the file path, Open Microsoft Word, click File and then Options

Step 4

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Click Options

Step 5

Click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Locations

Step 6

Click Add new location, and Browse to the path obtained in Steps 1-3, or paste the folder path into the Path box

In Path: press Ctrl + V, remove the end of the path so it resembles either one of the below paths.

Ensure Subfolders of this location are also trusted is also ticked. Click OK.

Default Paths

Gateway App

C:\Users\{Windows User}\Documents\OspreyOfficeGateway

Please note that apps installed from the Osprey Installer will not match those below/the apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store. The default links below are for the Microsoft Store apps.

Case Management App:

C:\Users\{Windows User}\AppData\Local\Packages

Case Management Browser:

C:\Users\{Windows User}\AppData\Local\OspreyDocuments.

Macro Warning Message

Should you receive the above warning that Microsoft has blocked macros you can resolve this by ensuring you do not have any other Word Documents open prior to running documents on Osprey or by removing any macros you have within Word. Should you need to delete your macros please speak with your Office Manager or IT team.