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Who is this guide for?

Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

Work Types dictate the area of law that is being carried out. This also provides you with access to relevant documents, emails and workflows when working on your matter.

View your current Work Types

Navigate to Supervisor > Code Setup > Work Types. This will provide you with a list of all current and archvied work types.

Adding a Work Type

To create a new Work Type, click New.

  • W/T – The Work type ID. This field can contain 6 characters, this field is not editable once created.
  • Work Description – A user-friendly description of the Work type
  • Default Workflow – Select a workflow to be enabled by default.
  • Published Description – This is the description visible to the client when accessing the client Web Portal
  • Published? – Matters assigned to this work type can be published to the web portal.
  • In Use – Unticking this box will archive the work type, preventing matters being allocated to this area of work.

Amending a Work Type

Any details of the Work Type can be edited, other than the Work Type ID. Either select the Edit icon, or right-click on the relevant work type, and select Edit.

From here, make any changed required, and click Save.

Removing a Work Type

You can archive any Work Type that does not have live matters allocated to it.
Whilst on the edit screen, click the Archive button. A confirmation will appear.

If there are live matters still on the work type, a message will appear. To find any open matters, run a Live Matters report to show all live matters.

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