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Using Osprey

Learn how to use Osprey to manage your day-to-day operations and processes

Who is this guide for?

Any Users and System Supervisors

This guide introduces Osprey credits, a rewards system where you can earn credits and redeem them in return for professional services

What are Osprey Credits?

By completing training, attending roadshows and taking part in the Osprey community you’ll earn credits. These credits then can be redeemed for a range of professional services, allowing you to benefit from Osprey even more!

Find out more about the Osprey credits here >

Osprey Credits is our way to help clients get rewarded for using Osprey.

Using Credits

If you require any professional services, please contact the support team, who will be happy to assist in completing the Professional Services Specification Form.

Upon receipt, Osprey will review what is needed, and will provide a quote.
The quote will provide the total cost, and if there are any available credits to go towards, or fully cover the quoted services.

Professional Services Specification Form

For any work to be agreed, we request that the below specification form is filled out.
If you require assistance, a member of the support team will be happy to assist.

Download the professional services specification form here >

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