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Accounts Supervisors, Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

Loqate integration allows you to look up an address given the post code.

You will need to set up an account with Loqate. This documentation takes you through setting up a free trial, Loqate will contact you for billing purposes once this has expired.

Set up your Loqate account

Step 1

Navigate to https://account.loqate.com/register/

Step 2

Fill in all the details and click Sign Up. You will receive an email from Loqate informing you of your unique account code – keep this safe as you will need it later:

Step 3

At the top of the screen, click Add service:

Step 4

Answer the GDPR questions, then click Finish.

Step 5

In the Let’s get started section, select API Key:

Step 6

Copy down the service key – keep this safe – and click Save:

Switch on Address Locator

Navigate to Supervisor > System Setup > Configuration Settings. Locate the switch called Address Locator, right click to edit and select Postcode Anywhere from the list. Save your changes.

Link Osprey to your Loqate account

Step 1

Navigate to Supervisor > System Setup > System Settings > Third Party Data.

Step 2

Locate the POSTCODEANYWHERE setting and right click to edit.

Use the address locator

Once you have followed the steps above, Osprey will allow you to search for addresses given a post code.

Where you see the icon below, you can use this button to look up an address from the entered post code:

Enter the post code, and click the magnifying glass icon. You will then see below a list of found addresses to choose from.

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