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1.37.0 Release notes

Q1 ’24-25 Release Notes

Update 1.37.0 is resolving issues introduced in version 1.36.0.

Several new pieces of functionality and enhancements have also been included which are listed at the bottom of these release notes.

Key updates are:

  • Adding contacts and organisation via workflows
  • Drag and drop case bundle folders
  • Adding notes against organisations
  • Track client go live date

The Q1 updates will only be available in the Osprey Browser. For more information on why the updates aren’t available in the app, please see our sunsetting announcement information here.

Osprey Browser – v1.37.0

Resolved issues:

  • Transferring attendance notes

Time recording and its associated attendance notes are now successfully transferred together.

  • Osprey Gateway

Osprey Gateway error, caused by running documents in Document Production with an apostrophe in the name, has now been fixed.

  • Undo postings with expense codes

Client ledger postings with expense and phase / task codes can now be deleted as expected.

  • Completed matter report

Report columns and associated content have now been fixed to ensure the Completed Matter report displays the content you expect.

  • Searches

You’ll no longer receive an error when using an apostrophe in the Conflict of Interest and Global search. Search results will now include data with an apostrophe.

  • Time recording multiple entries

The activity ID and description are now shown when choosing multiple entries in Time Recording.

  • Printing nominal requisition slip

You’ll no longer experience an error when printing nominal requisitions slips.

  • Email merge fields

Title and forename data fields now successfully merge into client facing emails. Merge fields must be set up in email templates via the Supervisor Area.

  • Leading zeros in text formulae

Leading zeros, such as 0123, now display correctly whenever used in a text formulae.

  • User ID in email templates

User ID and user email address merge fields now display correctly when used in an email template.

  • Pay Supplier postings in Purchase Ledger

Allocations made during a Pay Supplier posting now save correctly.

  • Apportion costs received in requisitions

We have removed the Apportion Costs Received function when approving and posting client bank requisitions.

New functionality:

  • Notes against organisations

You can now add a note against organisation in Osprey. A new multi-line description box has been added to the bottom of an organisation page when you can complete when adding or editing the organisation.

  • Adding contacts & organisations

You can search, add, and edit Contacts and Organisations when running questionnaires in a workflow.

  • Case bundle folders

You can now drag and drop folders when building a Case Bundle to organise your content.

  • Email permissions in workflows

Email-send restrictions applied to users are now also recognised in ‘send email’ tasks in a workflow. Users who are restricted from sending emails will no longer be able to do so via a workflow either.

  • Tracking client go live date

A new feature now adds the go live date to the matter history when converting a prospect in Clients & Matters when clicking ‘go live’.

  • ‘Back to website’ button colour picker

You can now define the colour of the ‘Back to website’ button in the web portal using a colour picker. Navigate to the Supervisor area > Portal Setup > Configuration and select the colour you would like using the picker or by entering a HEX code.

For more information & support

If you need more information or support on the new updates, please contact our support team who will be happy to help. Submit a support ticket, or call us on 0330 060 4940.

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