Who is this guide for?

Any Users

Osprey Approach offers the ability to produce documents via any web browser, such as Chrome and Edge, when running from a Windows PC.
To be able to do this, users will need to install the Osprey Office Gateway App, to allow document production within Microsoft Word.

Getting Started

Installing the Gateway App

To download the Office Gateway, log into Osprey on your browser of choice, and expand the Focus On menu to show the Focused On Dropdown.

Click the Download Office Gateway to start the download.

Your IT team can download the app without access to Osprey here

Once downloaded, run the Setup.exe. This will open a prompt. Click Install.

A confirmation will appear when completed.

Security Warnings

If users receive a Security warning when running a document, users may also need to add C:\Users\Username\Documents\OspreyOfficeGateway and all subfolders to Word’s Trusted Locations.

Please click the below guide for further information on how to prevent further warnings.

Enabling Pop-ups

To ensure the save prompt appears when closing a word document, please refer to the below guides and ensure Osprey is allowed permissions for Pop-Ups.

Running a document

When producing a document, either via a workflow or document production, a prompt will appear to open within OspreyOfficeGateway. Click Always Allow followed by Open.

A status update will appear to let you know Word is opening.

Word then will open, allowing the user to review and amend the standard document.

If there are Any Word Prompts, such as ASK statements, these will appear behind Osprey, so users may be required to minimise Osprey to be able to access these.

Once completed, close the document, and a save Pop-up window will appear, allowing you to save your document into Osprey.

Updating the Gateway App – Manual option

Users can update the Gateway App to the latest version with a click of a button.
Open the Windows Start Menu and locate Pracctice Limited folder within the Programs list.

Run the Osprey Office Gateway application, and this will automatically check and update to the latest version.

Updating the Gateway App – Automatic option

You can set the Gateway app to check for updates on startup so that every time you boot up and log in to your PC the Gateway will check for updates. Your IT support team should be able to assist with this if you don’t have access.

Hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press the R at the same time.

Hold and press the R key

The Run box should appear. Type shell:startup into the Open box and click OK:

The Startup folder will open.

Now, click the Windows start menu button, scroll down in the list of programs to find Pracctice Limited and expand it, and then click and drag the OspreyOfficeGateway app from the list into the Startup folder:


Each time you restart your PC and log into Windows, you will now receive the message: