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Sending an Email

Click Email
Select the From address, User/ Fee Earner / Practice
Click … to Address the message
Select either To, Cc or Bcc and double click the recipient to insert it.
Fill in the Subject and Body
Email templates can assist completing the message, select Template
Click OK to confirm the change of Subject and Body
You my select a High or Low Importance
Selecting Create Message also adds a message to the Web Portal

You may attach items from Matter History to the email

Click Attach > Attach from Matter History

Select the items to attach

hold down Ctrl on the keyboard to select more than one

Word documents can be converted to pdf when the message is sent

Tick Convert Word to Pdf

Click Send when ready

Emails are saved into Matter History

Select Case Management > Documents

Viewing an Email in Matter History

Select an email to open the preview panel.
Alternatively, right click an email and select Preview
Click Print
Choose the Printer and click Print

Replying to a saved Email

Right Click the email and select Reply
Compose your reply and click Send
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