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Reports: Fees Analysis Apportioned Cost Report

Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This guide will take you through the Fees Analysis Apportioned Costs report

Reports Fees billed, according to the costs apportionment selected during bill posting (where bills have not been apportioned, the default is to allocate fees to the Matter fee earner). See also Fees Analysis > and Fees Analysis by Time Fee Earner >.


Filter Options

  • Report Type – Year or Specific Period. 
  • Year – List selection of current and previous years, by default the current year is selected.
  • Period – Only available if Specific Period is selected in the Report Type option. List selection of periods completed to date, by default the current period is selected.
  • Branch – List selection of branches, by default branch ALL is selected.
  • Currency – List selection of all the currencies set on the system, this selection will show only those matters set for the particular currency.
  • Grouping – This shows three differing reports:
    • Fee Earner & Work Type by Period
    • Fee Earner by Period
    • Work Type by Period
  • Report Format – Cross Tab or List, the default is to show cross tab.

List of Columns Produced

  • Work Type or Fee Earner (depending on the grouping)
  • Period 1 Fees
  • Period 2 Fees
  • Period 3 Fees
  • Period 4 Fees
  • Period 5 Fees
  • Period 6 Fees
  • Period 7 Fees
  • Period 8 Fees
  • Period 9 Fees
  • Period 10 Fees
  • Period 11 Fees
  • Period 12 Fees
  • Period 13 Fees
  • Total

Additional Functionality

When Specific Period is selected, and the grouping is set to Fee Earner by Period, an additional two Report Formats are also available – Bill Detail By Bill and Bill Detail By FE. These reports give you a breakdown of the billed apportioned costs which have been allocated to each fee earner. In the example below, we can see that Bill Number 135 was split between fee earners MAB and TP.

Bill Detail By Bill

The By Fee Earner report groups each fee earner’s bills together and subtotals, throwing a page after the total.

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