Writing Off and Reinstating Time

Updated Nov 10th, 2020

Who is this guide for?

Case Workers

Time postings can be written off if you believe that there is no possibility of recovering the costs that would be billed through the postings.

Writing Off Time

Step 1

Select Write Off from the Time Recording menu, you may choose to filter the list of postings by Fee Earner, Value or Date.

Step 2

Tick the desired postings and click Calculate Ticked.

Step 3

To write off the entries, click Write Off Selected, a print out will appear on screen which may be exported to PDF or Excel.

Reinstating Time

Step 1

Time that has been written off can also be reinstated, select the View Time from the Time Recording > Write Off menu.

Step 2

Tick the items to reinstate using the same filters if necessary and click Reinstate