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Microsoft 365 Outlook add-in update

June 2024 Release Notes

Manage your emails easier and quicker with the updated Osprey Approach 365 Outlook add-in.

We currently have two Outlook add-ins you can use with Osprey Approach. The Osprey COM add-in for Outlook is set to retire in 2025, so we’ve ensured parity of features, plus additional functionality in the updated Osprey Approach 365 Outlook add-in to ensure you can manage your emails and schedules efficiently.

What’s the best add-in for me to you?

You can compare the add-in features here to know the best add-in for you.

How do I use the new add-in?

Check out this 365 Outlook guide for more information on how to install and use the new add-in version.

Updates and enhancements to the 365 Outlook add-in include:

Key enhancements are:

  • Exporting email attachments to specific folders
  • Automatically tagging emails that have been exported
  • Automatically completing teh ‘details’ field of the exported email with teh email subject line
  • Managing images in signatures when exporting emails

The Microsoft Outlook add-in updates will only be available in the Osprey Browser. For more information on why the updates aren’t available in the app, please see our sunsetting announcement information here.

Osprey Approach Microsoft 365 Outlook add-in update – Browser v3.0.0

  • ‘Remember Me’ on login

When the ‘Remember Me’ option is selected on the Outlook log in screen, your credentials will be automatically recognised and you’ll be logged in.

  • Pin the Osprey add-in pane

You can now pin the Osprey add-in pane in Outlook by selecting the pin icon in the top right. This will always show the Osprey Approach details on the right-hand side of your Outlook window.

When the pane is pinned, as you move between emails, the add-in will check for the associated client and check to see if the message has been exported already.

  • Processed date

You can now complete a ‘Processed Date’ on exported emails.

  • Selecting an email template

Options to append or replace the email chain has been added when selecting an email template.

  • Enhanced attachment filtering options

Attachment search options have been enhanced to enable you to search by Detail, as well as filtering by Custom Type, Folder, and File Type.

  • Autofill description / details

The detail field is automatically populated with the email subject line, but it can be changed prior to exporting.

  • Export attachments only

You can now save just an email attachment to Osprey rather than exporting both the email and attachment.

  • Attachment selector

You can now choose which attachments on an email are exported and saved in Osprey. This means you can avoid saving images in email signatures to the Matter History.

  • Save attachments to specified folders

A new feature has been introduced to allow you to save an email and it’s attachments to different folders.

  • Exported emails tag

Messages already exported to Osprey will be tagged with a category in Outlook. When the email is viewed the client and matter number will show in the tag.

  • Quick Export tool

If an email address matches an email in Osprey, the client / matter is automatically selected using the Quick Export tool.

  • Email metadata

From the Matter History, you’ll be able to view the From, To, CC, BCC, Subject, Body, and Date data for the imported message. You’ll also be able to reply or forward imported emails.

  • Support for shared mailboxes

As well as your own mailbox, the add-in will display on shared mailboxes in Outlook too.

  • Additional navigation tools

When navigating results displayed in the Osprey add-in pane in Outlook, you’ll now be able to go to the first and last result and well click through the results one by one.

  • Custom Types

The dropdown list of Custom Types is now listed in alphabetical order rather than the order they were created in.

  • Emails saved as ‘sent items

Imported emails from Outlook to Osprey are now saved as ‘sent items’ rather than drafts. You will be able to reply to or forward imported emails to continue the email chain.

  • Export email only

When the ‘export email only’ option is ticked, attachments will not be imported into the Matter History.

Compare add-in features

To help you identify the add-in that’s best for you, please see the feature comparison table below.

For more information & support

If you need more information or support on the new updates, please contact our support team who will be happy to help. Submit a support ticket, or call us on 0330 060 4940.

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