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Using Osprey

Learn how to use Osprey to manage your day-to-day operations and processes

Who is this guide for?

Any Users

Users can access Osprey via the dedicated Osprey Case Management App, via a Desktop Browser & the Osprey Gateway, or both. Please refer to the guides that fit your needs.

PC Requirements

Osprey works best on the latest versions of Windows 10 and 11. We recommend Automatic Windows Updates are turned to Automatic to ensure your computers receive the latest fixes and security patches.

All PCs must meet the minimum requirements highlighted in the software agreement.
We recommend that automatic updates are enabled for the user’s chosen Web Browser, Windows Updates and Microsoft Office.

Web Browser

The below guide also helps ensure your browser is correctly configured for Osprey.

Osprey Gateway

The Osprey Gateway allows for document production from the web browser.

RDS Gateway

If using you are using a remote desktop you will need to ensure to use the Osprey Remote Desktop Gateway instead of the Osprey Gateway above.

Microsoft Work Prompts and Warnings

Microsoft Word has a number of security measures to protect the user, which include warning security prompts that can prevent Osprey from correctly producing documents.

The below guide will show how to set up Microsoft Word to ensure all documents are allowed to run correctly from the Osprey Gateway or Osprey Desktop App.

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